103 and a Half Link Building Strategies 2017

103 (and a half) Link Building Strategies in 2017

ok ok, I know a lot of these are controversial, but hey, I’m just throwing ideas out there.
Here we go…

1 Become Social Recluse.

Write a 104er such as this one, that are quite sizable that offer a significant contribution to a particular topic or subject of interest. You will probably know your niche, so write a list about it – people will link!

2 Yahoo Answers.

Great place to research people asking questions about particular subjects that will no doubt cover your niche – answer these questions and leave a link back in the resources. Not only will you generate a link, but you will generate relevant traffic.

3 Competitions.

Run a competition! No matter which niche you operate in, you can probably find some sort of positioning for a competition of some sort. People love to win things and they will share the competition with friends. Great for traffic a links

5 Paid Directories.

Ok, so you’re going to have a spend a few dollars or pounds, but some directories (I put emphasis on the word some) are worth enrolling in. Some really reputable ones are, and These are incredibly trusted websites and as such, the links they reward are also authorative.

6 Speak To Your Blogger Community.

That’s right – in every niche there is normally dedicated bloggers. Contact them, affiliate yourselves with them and share content with them – they will not only link to you, but can also spread the word to other key authority figures in your blogosphere.

7 Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Create a small promo video, or a terrific one (budget permitting). Video viral has become monolithic over the last few years and has the ability to change a business overnight and generate masses of website hits and links. My personal favourite is WILL IT BLEND – check it out – oh look, they’ve got a link from me!

8 Reciprocol linking.

I’m not condoning this as a sole method of link building as it has little to no impact on search engines, but what it can do is generate SUPER relevant traffic, our personal favourite is to contact people in other countries within the same niche – usually they will tell you that they get a small amount of traffic that are from your country and where better to divert these people than to your website? Job done!

9 Go blog commenting.

I’m not talking about going on to blogs and spamming it with a one liner and expecting the blog owner to give you a link. Im telling you to use Google and other search sources and find niche related blogs and comment with extraordinarily good content. It stands to reason that if you are contributing to the blog, they will allow for a link back to your site.

10 Go bookmarking.

Use reputable social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and various others to tell the world about what you have to offer in terms of content. For example, if you have a good competition, put a link to your news story on Digg for the world to see your competition – be very careful when selecting the niche you place your news post in, we want to hit the target demographic whilst also gaining a link from a social bookmarking website.

11 Podcasting.

Create a podcast or audio with information on your products and services and distribute through media wires. This works terrifically well if you spend enough time on it – just make sure that the concept is something people will want to link with.

12 Get Writing!

Well written press releases with a good encapsulating story can attract hundreds, if not, thousands of links to a website. There’s good free distribution services too such as PR Fire – if people like your story, they will link with you.

13 Use Classifieds.

Craigslist, Gumtree and numerous other classifieds allow for advertising of businesses/services, whilst being able to leave a link back.

14 Use forums.

Find reputable forums within your niche by searching for them online. Join the forum and begin posting to relevant threads and link back to your website as a resource (if it is necessary and relevant – please, I do not condone spam, so don’t sign up and post 25 times, get a signature and write ‘i agree’ each time you post – a moderator will eventually ban you)

15 Write Reviews!

Write reviews on your services and write reviews on products/services related to your products/services, if your reviews are informative, you will generate traffic and links.

16 Create a Widget.

Widgets are a great way to be useful within your community and offer something slightly different. There are so many ways to utilise widgets and if the right widget is created, they can be a formidable link building tool.

17 Write something controversial.

That’s right. People love to be shocked or emotionally affected/bound by content. Writing something controversial can attract millions of links if it really goes viral – but be sure to plan well ahead and position your content correctly.

18 Hire someone!

There are some good link building companies out there that will do all of your hard work for you, but remember, you get what you pay for – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

19 Hire a PR Company with contacts.

Some PR companies have mountains of decent contacts that they can instantly distribute your news/information to – this can generate links from top quality national newspapers and respected online news entities.

20 Magazines.

If someone has seen something in a magazine, they will more than likely look at the content and if they like what they see, share it and link to it. A good, but normally expensive way to build links and exposure.

21 Use Facebook and Twitter.

Go online and engage with relevant groups and voices on major social networks and microblogs. This will help you build up fan bases and followers that will continually link with your content if you are consistently releasing it – the more you release, the more the links! Use these networks as link hubs.

22 Create your own blog.

Create a blog surrounding your niche and distribute its content on social networks. People will link with you provided the content is good.

23 RSS Feeds.

Continually update and distribute your RSS feed. People will link and further distribute your feed and that can generate link backs (some of them do at least – but RSS is a dying technology)

24 Talk To YOUR Connections.

Speak to your friends, family, manufacturers and so forth and ask them for a link/mention on their websites.

25 Buy Pre-Existing Websites.

There are always people looking to sell their blogs and websites alike, why not buy them? We tend to advise older domains as they usually carry more authority and (hopefully) already have a strong link profile – then you can link to yourself.

26 Buy Links.

Yup, I said it, buy links. 99% of ALL companies have purchased a link (if they’re truthful!) – even I’m guilty of buying an odd link here and there. Well known link brokers are Text Link Ads – they have huge inventories to choose from.

27 Ask Another Website Owner To Buy A Link.

Contact other websites direct and simply ask if you can pay for link/advertising space on their website. You’ll be shocked at how many will come back offering space.

28 Create A WordPress Theme.

If you’ve got the knowledge, create a custom wordpress theme and add your credits to the footer – then allow people to freely download and use the theme which will mean you will gain links each time it is downloaded and used.

29 Write An E-Book.

Create and E-Book with great content and distribute it.

30 Networking.

Network with local businesses in your area and ask if they’ll link with you. There are numerous networking meetings normally held periodically throughout the year, Google them to find your nearest.

31 Create Useful Tools Or Software.

If your in the know or have the funds, get some software or tools developed for you to offer others inline with your niche (or not as the case maybe – just make sure the tools/software are useful and in demand)

32 Events.

Go to some events within your niche and set up a stand or network with the people there. Invite them to visit your website or give some handy information out. If you’ve got something good to say, they will link to you.

33 Offer Something For Free.

That’s right. Give it away. People love freebies and love sharing the fact that they got a freebie. This could be information or product – anything that you are able to give away

34 Use Software.

There are numerous link tools you can use that will help in your quest to gain one way links. Beware when using software, it can sometimes have an adverse effect on your website. I more recommend software researching potential link partners.

35 Create Resource Lists.

Spend time writing exhaustive resource lists that are niche related. This can lead to you becoming well known within an industry and people inevitably link to people who are inspirational.

36 List Some Experts!

Why not list people you think are extremely influential within your niche? What about who you think are the top experts!

37 Ask Your Friends and Contacts To Review You.

Drop them a line and ask if they’ll review your products and services and syndicate their data – give them a few bucks/quid if you need to – it’ll be worth the money.

38 Link Bidding Directories.

Bid on link bidding sites to be top of the page – your link remains on the page until your bid has been overturned. Sometimes, these links can be a pretty good steal. Although not the most recommended method, a link nonetheless.

39 Embrace Web 2.0.

There are some great sites that allow you to build pages surrounding a topic. The most well known are probably Squidoo and HubPages. Build some great pages and people will link with your content.

40 Have an industry face-off.

Debates between industry experts are highly link-worthy. If there is an expert within your industry that you do not agree with, say so – tell them why, have an expert debate, people will link with you.

41 Three Way Link Building.

Contact three different webmasters and exchange links with the adjacent sites so that a reciprocation cannot be detected (I’m not guaranteeing it wont, as Google is advancing daily, but recent trials of mine show that this is still effective) – So site A links with B, B links to C and C links to A – a triangle of link love!

42 Use PPC.

Throw up and Ad-Words campaign to drive relevant traffic to your website. Again, you cannot guarantee a link from doing this, but it’s more than likely (if your content is good) that people will link with you and you gain good quality traffic.

43 Use Google Groups.

Similar to Yahoo Answers, answer some industry specific questions on Google Groups and grab a link from advising your source as a relevant one.

44 Use Wikipedia.

If you are a larger company, utilise Wikipedia and create a page. These links are always extraordinarily powerful and people link with the content directly a lot.

45 Do some radio advertising.

Local radio and national radio are powerful mediums to get people visiting your website with the local radio stations being fairly reasonably priced (usually). A great way to direct people to the site and to eventually link and share your content.

46 Go Leaflet Dropping!

Have some exceptional leaflets designed and distributed to an area of your choosing – just ensure your leaflet is powerful enough to engage the user to entice them to the website and to eventually link with you.

47 Go on Alexa and review sites.

If you review related sites on Alexa, you will drive targeted traffic, leading to link love.

48 Do Some Sponsorship Work.

Charities, organisations, businesses and many others will link to their sponsors as a thank you for sponsoring them. So get involved!

49 Create A Toolbar Extension.

For example, Mozilla Firefox allows for extensions as well as many other browsers, develop an extension relevant to your niche and have a download/product page for the extension that people can link and share if they find your extension useful. This can lead to exponential increments in links from authority sites.

50 Dis-spell Falsehoods In Your Industry.

A lot of industries have certain ‘myths’ or things that aren’t necessarily true or that have been blown up by the media. Dis-spell these and set the record straight – you may even find the media linking into you.

51 Use Linkedin.

Linkedin is a great way to network with people that are specialists in your industry, your niche and you can network and uncover some seriously good contacts. Not only good for traffic and links, but could uncover a new world of opportunities.

52 Carry Out Your Own Study and/or Industry Research.

People LOVE stats, facts and figures, so do a study on your own industry and present some interesting facts and figures. You can forge exceptionally good links if you spend enough time on this.

53 Use Article Sites.

Write some informative articles and distribute it to reputable article sites such as EZINE and HUBPAGES. You must be careful with articles and be vigilant not to copy content. The Panda Update from Google eradicated and devalued a LOT of links that it considered to be part of a ‘content farm’ – still, you can generate links if your articles are good enough.

54 Why Not Build Your OWN Directory?

Create your own industry specific directory. Not only will this help build links, but you can also generate revenue from people listing on your directory.

55 Do Affiliate Marketing.

Although affiliate marketing wont generate links itself (it may do, but a majority will probably be nofollow), you may generate links from people having exposure and sharing your content.

56 Create Profiles and Biographies.

Write and profile or biography about yourself and your business. Make it interesting and distribute the content through popular social media networks (Linkedin would be great for this) – people will discover you, your business and will link to you if they like what they read.

57 Use

Create lists on Amazon that review the best products on their platform – oh and be sure to mention yourself too!

58 Why Not Donate Money From Ebay To Charity?

Auctions on Ebay where the donations go to charity are often linked to by the charity to increase the chance of a sale. These links can be exceptionally reputable if from a good charity – and you’re doing a good deed!

59 Get A Celebrity.

No seriously! If you know of someone who has used one of your products/services, let other people know that the celebrity has used it. People love celebs and will share and link with content and BUY products/services that celebs have used.

60 Create A Game.

Sounds really technical, but actually, flash games are relatively low cost to develop (dependent on the size of the game etc) – people LOVE games and the most addicting are usually the lowest budget. Online games can lead to monolithic growths of link popularity from top authority sites.


Similar to Digg, but you have to post original content blurb too – good source for quality links and relevant traffic.

62 Use Slideshows.

Sites like Slideshare allow you to effortlessly share informative presentations surrounding whatever topic you like. If you create a good enough presentation – people will link to you and you will generate relevant traffic.

63 Newspaper Comments.

Lots of newspapers and news websites allow for comments on their articles to generate discussion. Although many links are NOFOLLOW, the link won’t come from your comment on there, but instead, traffic coming to your site from the newspapers/news sites and then eventually linking if the content is adequate.

64 Leave Comments on YouTube.

Find niche specific videos on YouTube and leave a comment. Good source of traffic and a sneaky link (although maybe NOFOLLOW the same applies as the above)

65 Google Places.

If you have a localised business, make sure you set a profile up on Google Places – you can slam a link to your website here.

66 Why Not Use Torrent Sites For Something Legal?

Yes, Torrent Sites. You can leave comments/reviews on comments (including HYPERLINKS) – so why not put your link in there?

67 Why Not Interview Someone?

Find someone to interview and then post up your interview notes. If you interview someone with a good influence on society, people will link with your content.

68 Do A Smartphone APP.

Everyone knows that mobile is the future and the APP period is NOW. Create a good APP for your product/service and release it through APPLE/Android. This can lead to not only revenue directly from the APP, but huge amounts of backlinks too.

69 Use Images. Embed links in images.

This can lead to links being generated.

70 Do Something Ridiculous.

This is a great way to earn free press. recently applied for a patent for airbags on a tablet computers which got them links from some pretty good sites. Why not come up with a ridiculous idea that’ll get you noticed?

71 Use Photo Sharing Sites.

Do you use images? If so, get them on websites such as FLICKR where you can add links directly from here. They will gain authority over time.

72 EHow.

Ok, you can waltz onto eHow and get a link, but if you go to the demand site and find a relevant subject to write about, you can list your site in the resources column and hey presto, a good, solid link.

73 Get Listed in Google News.

It’s not as simple as just throwing out an article, but you can submit your article to Google News and if its featured, you can not only expect to drive a good amount of traffic, but links too!

74 Start A Discussion Group.

Why not start your own discussion group and share it with people. Getting others involved will mean that they will begin to link and share your content – in most cases whether they agree or disagree with you.

75 Offer Free Memberships/Trials.

People love to try before they buy – so why not offer free memberships or trials of your products and services? It’s a great way to get people onto the website and share content/link with it if they are pleased with the end product/service.

76 Join In The Coupon Revolution!

Coupon sites are ALWAYS looking for some excellent deals and offers – and of course, there will be links at the end of the tunnel provided you can come up with a good offering.

77 Why Not Sponsor A WordPress Plugin?

Lots of plugins need the development time paid for – so why not sponsor the plugin and insert your link inside the plugin? This can lead to thousands of links.

78 Put In For An Award!

Do you have a governing body that regulates your industry? Do you think you deserve a reward? Ask them! Awards lead to direct links from the awards body, which can be lucrative for links and traffic alike.

79 Job Listings. Do you have a vacancy?

When posting up a vacancy on job boards, don’t forget a good link back to yourself!

80 Paid Reviews.

Go on sites like PayPerPost and post up and opportunity which is presented to teams of bloggers who can write about whatever you want to write about or review anything you want reviewed on their blogs – oh, and it will also have a link!

81 Distribute Your Blog To Blog Directories.

If you’ve got your own blog, distribute it to top blog directories for exposure. There are too many blog directories to list here, so go to Google and type ‘blog directories’ and list list list!

82 Get Seasonal.

Think about up and coming seasons and holidays and create content surrounding these periods. Lots of companies attract hundreds, if not thousands of links by creating season-relevant content to engage and share. There’s not too much longevity in each one, but it can attract a few quick links

83 Get Tracking.

Track who reads your content, articles, press releases and other such material and directly contact them to keep engagement levels and increase the likelihood of them linking to you

84 Network Your Blog By Linking With Other Blogs.

Why not link out to other blogs? If bloggers see that you are linking to them, they usually return the favour by linking back.

85 Write A Short Story.

I know, it sounds a little silly – but people like to read stories. Write a story about your niche and be as creative as possible. It doesn’t have to be true and be outrageous – people will link.

86 LIE.

How many times have you seen that a celebrity has died when really they are still alive? I’m not condoning this particular option, but it does have the ability to attract MILLIONS of links.

87 Get A Link From The Business Bureau.

88 Do Something On TV.

I know, you’re thinking BIG BUCKS – but what about smaller, less well-known channels that are more targeted to your niche? The costs are lower and the audience are much more suitable – they will come in their numbers and will link and share content.

89 Hold A Fundraiser Event and Invite EVERYONE.

Fundraisers are a great way to increase your business profile, raise money for a good cause, but also get great coverage from media. You will find links to yourself on media sites as well as news sites – and even blogger sites. Great way to raise some link equity

90 Get A Blimp.

No, I’m being serious. Hire a large blimp with your advertising ALL over it – especially if you are a localised business. Not only will you get a lot of local traffic, but probably media coverage and links will emerge from people visiting the site and sharing content.

91 Send Media Free Stuff.

In order for the media to discover you, sometimes the best method is to send your product (FREE) straight to them. If they like what they see, they will cover the product – beautiful editorial links.

92 Email Marketing.

Develop an extremely good email marketing campaign with a solid contact list – even look at buying industry specific mailing lists (be wary – always ask for a sample first). If the email is successful, you can not only drive good traffic, but links too of course.

93 Banner Advertising.

Create brilliantly designed banners with an attractive offering and circulate them through a banner ad network (use Google) or even go direct to sites you feel would bring you good traffic. Drive traffic to your site and gain links, all at once.

94 Can we just take a second to pay our respects to Dmoz?

I know, technically this should be 103 and a half link building ideas, but.. RIP Dmoz (sad emoji)

95 Join The Institute of Directors

96 Register and Join Local Council/Government Schemes/Websites.

These will hold great authority and normally will ask if you have a website – push your link in there.

97 Link Wheeling.

Ok ok, controversy! Not a good link building method at all, but it appears to of worked for a few people. This is where you create a small ‘network’ of websites that all point to your website. Obviously I do not condone writing rubbish content on these properties, but useful resources. The properties in a wheel should normally link together too – to enhance each others authority. It’s effectiveness is questionable, but no reason why it couldn’t help with traffic and not JUST links if the content is awesome?

98 Google Plus. Get a Google Plus profile and put a link to your website in your stream/profile.

99 Keep An Online Journal.

If you are fairly reputable and well known online, keep a diary on something like LiveJournal to keep people updated on what you are doing. Sure, use Twitter too, but this can generate DOFOLLOW links too.

100 Join A Newsgroup.

Research some top niche news groups and talk to the people on the boards and give your input – whilst leaving a link. There are LOTS of Newsgroups to choose from – just Google them.

101 Tell A Secret.

Do you have a secret that nobody knows about? Let the world know. Secrets that are shared can lead to viral mayhem and an absolute spectrum of links coming from diverse sources. Pssssst

102 Simplify Complications.

Sometimes in certain industries things are just too complicated to understand and normally you will find someone who needs a beginners guide (Guide For Dummies made millions from this concept). Why not offer some help/guides on some complicated subjects that you have knowledge about.

103 Break A World Record!

Think you got what it takes? Research you niche and see if anyone holds any records in your field and break that record. If successful, record breaks become viral in minutes and can provide links from some excellent sources.

104 Kill Someone 

Ok, this final one I’m kidding about, but hey, it would definitely make the news, you would most certainly get links, but you would also do time in jail (a long time).

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