Producing The Perfect Link Bait

Google want’s you to earn links, simple. Not buy links, not rent links, not create blog networks and to not spam websites with unrelated blog comments and forum comments – which to some then begs the question, how do we get links? How do we honestly get links to produce an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy? The answer here my friends, is Link Baiting . Let’s start off with the question you are all asking, what is link bait? How will it help with Search Engine Marketing? Link Bait, as the name suggests, is the process of attracting backlinks through producing viral content – content people link with.

You may have heard the saying ‘Content is King’ and there’s a reason why this saying exists – it’s true. If you produce quality content that is compelling, useful, humorous or outrageous, people will link to you – whether this be someone mentioning you on a blog or forum, or even getting national news coverage from the likes of the BBC and various other well-known media establishments.

The key to a successful link bait is knowing what people want and this isn’t an easy task – so we’ll give you some good tips on creating the perfect link bait.

1) Get A Concept – This is fundamentally the most important step of the entire process. Your task here is to squeeze every ounce of your creative juice to get a concept. Really good link baits tend to be lists such as, how to lists, 101 ways to, outrageous stories and hot-off-the-press news. Do not discount any ideas no matter how ‘out there’ they seem to is essential that you really rack your brains to think of angle – related to your business or not – find something.

2) Create your content – Not as simple as it sounds – but after you have the idea – create the content. Think of how you should write it, make sure you are writing it in a way that matches your target demographic (research), can you include video? (video viral has grown 6-fold over the past 2 years), images or audio? Ensure that you thoroughly think about your concept and your content – these need to be a match made in heaven for the link bait to work.

3) Distribution – You’ve got your brilliant, compelling content, now how do you ‘get it out there’? I can recommend a few good avenues. The first would be Social Media, it’s free and everyone’s doing it. Identifying key influencers within a community related to your niche would be a terrific way to go, for example, if you are an avid Facebooker, then you can search for groups related to a particular niche. Treat these people as gold-dust – if they are interested in your niche then it’s much more likely they’ll be interested in linking to you – so take your time.

Another exceptional method of distribution is Online PR, there are numerous online PR portals that offer distribution services for a particular niche – however, I have always found that my most successful link baits were from me directly contacting editors and journalists of popular newspapers and magazines – simply research some publications, find out the most useful or adequate for your industry and contact them with your idea/story. You can bet that if one of these guys pick it up, so will other people, allowing the bait to grow virally which can be terrific to your link profile and to award direct traffic.

So get your thinking caps on. If you are looking for links and want to attract them the real way, link bait is your path. We can even help you, so if you fancy, why not contact us?


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