Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation, also referred to as SEO, is the process utilized to improve a web page or websites visibility in organic search placements across various major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Open Umbrella has a very multi-threaded and innovative approach to pioneering SEO solutions that drive business performance. Our SEO team has a strong record in drastically improving search presence through increasing a websites authority on the web by deploying strategic on-page and off-page search engine marketing techniques. Each step of our SEO process is thoroughly researched, planned and executed to pinpoint precision, giving our clients the best possible exposure required to make a real impact online.

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Mobile App Development

Whether you are looking for a mobile application for your business or maybe you have a game idea that you would like to create for smartphones, tablets or both, Open Umbrella has the development & design covered no matter what the platform or device it is to be used with.

Mobile applications are now a must-have for most businesses online given the continued growth in the mobile sector, which has risen astoundingly year on year. Open Umbrella has experience in developing and designing mobile applications with the most up to date technologies and to the highest possible standard, which has earned us recognition in the UK as market leaders in this area.

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We here at Open Umbrella realise that good Brand Strategy and Brand Identity play an absolutely pivotal role in a companies success – yet believe it or not, when we conducted a survey asking 250 businesses what their Brand Strategy and Identity was, only 39 of them could answer questions posed. Many even believed that branding was creating a logo for them and whilst a logo is an integral part of the branding process, it really is just one of many catalysts that play a role in your brands success.

Open Umbrella work closely with businesses to help them answer vital questions that play a key role in a brands development. Whether you are launching, or whether you are simply revitalizing an existing brand, we can help consult with you to create your brands direction and how to align your business so that your brand vision becomes a reality.

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