We here at Open Umbrella realise that good Brand Strategy and Brand Identity play an absolutely pivotal role in a companies success, yet believe it or not, when we conducted a survey asking 250 businesses what their Brand Strategy and Identity was, only 39 of them could answer questions posed. Many even believed that branding was creating a logo for them and whilst a logo is an integral part of the branding process, it really is just one of many catalysts that play a role in your brands success.

Open Umbrella work closely with businesses to help them answer vital questions that play a key role in a brands development. Whether you are launching, or whether you are simply revitalizing an existing brand, we can help consult with you to create your brands direction and how to align your business so that your brand vision becomes a reality.

Our Branding Process

Step 1 Discovery

Full consultation, establishing who the client is and what their brand represents currently.

Step 2 Strategy

Objectives, audience, competition and deliverables.

Step 3 Positioning

What we believe, who we are/are not, how we are unique, the clients market category

Step 4 Identify

Logo, stationary, how the client will look in the public eye

Step 5 Delivery

Social media, print media, online collaboration, video production.

Brand Strategy

Define Your Brand

Defining your brand is the most important element to start with. This is because establishing definition and direction of your brand allows you to work out your competitive advantage that will in turn, determine whether or not you will have one.

Through research we transform this into insight, through insight we transform this into strategy and by doing this we can unlock what your true brand value is to your marketplace. Thinking about Brand Mapping, Positioning and Architecture, we consult with our clients to establish where their brand will be today, and where it will be tomorrow managing all expectations along the way.

Why Open Umbrella?

Being a Digital Agency, Open Umbrella encounters countless brands, stories, visions, designs and everything related on a daily basis which means we have experience in looking at successful brands online and what makes them such an attractive proposition to its customers. Harnessing this information along with our own success stories, we can provide you with a full branding strategy that will reach out and attract your demographic seamlessly.

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