Whether you are looking for a mobile application for your business or maybe you have a game idea that you would like to create for smartphones, tablets or both, Open Umbrella has the development & design covered no matter what the platform or device it is to be used with.

Mobile applications are now a must-have for most businesses online given the continued growth in the mobile sector, which has risen astoundingly year on year. Open Umbrella has experience in developing and designing mobile applications with the most up to date technologies and to the highest possible standard, which has earned us recognition in the UK as market leaders in this area.

Using an agile development methodology to deliver all of our mobile app projects, Open Umbrella are confident that no matter what the requirement or functionality, we can deliver a secure, scalable and sustainable application that will meet and exceed all expectations. Using a think outside the box approach, we will consult with you to establish the aims and objectives of your mobile application and pitch in ideas of how we can create a beautiful solution to achieve these goals cost effectively.

Mobile technology allows businesses to keep connected to their customers for long periods of time, and in most cases, all of the time and by doing this, businesses can expand their offering and broaden their knowledge of customer behavior.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Step 1 - Planning

Establish what functionality is required

Step 2 - Prototyping

Create a brief of what exactly is to be delivered

Step 3 - Development

Develop the app in line with the above steps and prepare for testing

Step 4 - Testing

Rigorous testing of the new application on all agreed platforms to ensure functionality is flawless

Step 5 - Deployment

Release to the top mobile marketplaces such as AppStore, Play etc

Step 6 - Release

Once authorized by the above platforms, users will be able to access your application.

Mobile App Development Services

Open Umbrella designs, develops and delivers mobile apps on ALL major platforms, whether iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Our services include:

Mobile Consultation: What kind of app would be suitable for you or your business?
Custom Design & Development
Mobile App auditing: making sure that you are getting the most out of an existing application
UX Testing (User Experience)
QA Testing (Quality Assurance)
Cross-platform mobile development and testing
Getting your application into the App Store, Play, App World or Marketplace

Our Developers

Our developers have a combined 25 years experience in developing mobile applications and are at the very forefront of evolving mobile technologies. With Open Umbrella you can have total piece of mind that your mobile application is being developed by developers with exceptional credentials and a wealth of knowledge developing apps that have proven success in all mobile marketplaces.

Each developer has strong knowledge in utilizing agile development techniques that allow our mobile applications to work seamlessly on all platforms and devices, meaning your application will be accessible to everyone, not just a small portion.

We pride ourselves on being Uber mobile geeks, constantly learning new technologies and even helping pioneer new ways to make mobile applications more accessible. All these aspects contribute towards total peace of mind, that Open Umbrella should be YOUR choice as your mobile application development company.

We look forward to welcoming you under our Mobile Application Umbrella.

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