Search engine optimisation, also referred to as SEO, is the process utilized to improve a web page or websites visibility in organic search placements across various major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Open Umbrella has a very multi-threaded and innovative approach to pioneering SEO solutions that drive business performance. Our SEO team has a strong record in drastically improving search presence through increasing a websites authority on the web by deploying strategic on-page and off-page search engine marketing techniques. Each step of our SEO process is thoroughly researched, planned and executed to pinpoint precision, giving our clients the best possible exposure required to make a real impact online.

Engaging content is absolutely vital; you may have heard the expression that content is king, and this expression exists for a reason: it could not be more spot on. Ensuring credible content placement on your blog, website pages, social platforms and so, so much more is key to feed search engines the fuel required to place your website or webpage in optimal positions to drive search traffic.

The SEO Process.

Step 1 - Website & Competitive Analysis / Setting KPIs

Setting aims and objectives of the SEO strategy.

Step 2 - Identify Keyword Opportunities

Find which keywords are going to be lucrative to target

Step 3 - Website Auditing (on-page)

Full technical SEO audit of your existing website

Step 4 - Content Strategy (on-page)

Establishing your on-page content reach and how to improve saturation.

Step 5 - Link Acquisition Strategy (Link Building and Off Page)

Planning and deployment of sustainable link acquisition strategy to dramatically enhance rankings on major search engines.

Step 6 - Continual Monitoring / Review Of Analytics and Rankings

Continual monitoring and evolvement of the campaign to ensure all KPI’s are being met and exceeded and rankings are increasing.

Doing SEO The Right Way

The White-Hat Way

Long gone are the days where shortcuts can be taken in the world of SEO, so much so that one poor decision in a campaign can be detrimental to your entire website. There is an ethical approach to engaging in an SEO campaign and the way that an agency manages a campaign, which conform to search engines quality guidelines.

Black Hat techniques such as paid links, hiding text, cloaking, doorway pages and content scraping are no longer tolerated by major search engines and are strictly enforced with swift penalties that can wipe out your websites presence virtually overnight and its not an easy task to rebuild trust with them.

We have a complete commitment to our clients to ensure that all of our campaigns are carried out to Webmaster guidelines set out by the search engines to ensure optimal results without hindrance. This can offer all of our clients complete peace if mind, which is absolutely paramount in us building solid working partnerships to achieve maximum visibility and furthermore, tangible results.

Our Core SEO Principle Focus

We have four strict principles here at Open Umbrella when deploying an SEO strategy:

Always delivering our services the ethical, white-hat way.
Creating a phenomenal site architecture that adheres to search engines technical guidelines
Robust, targeted link acquisition strategy
Producing truly inspiring content that is constantly refreshed, enhanced and distributed

These are the principles that we have taken years to refine to gain the positive natural search results across all major search engines. Whether you are a large blue chip company, all the way through to localized start-up, we have done it all, giving you further peace of mind that you have a wealth of experience on your side. If you want a partner that will truly work with you in a transparent, tangible and results driven capacity, then we are waiting to hear from you. We look forward to making this year a very successful one with you. Contact us

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