Social Media Marketing. Lets look at the stats in the UK:


Of the British public believes a company should have a presence on Social Media


believe a company should not only have a presence on Social Media, but also have a direct interaction with its customers


Of the British public state that they feel they have a better connection and feel as though they have been best served by companies who utilize and engage with them on social media directly.

Social Media is an absolutely key asset to any effective Digital Marketing strategy. Using the various social media channels available, companies can effectively connect and engage with both current and future customers and clients.

In the Digital world, reputation is absolutely imperative to brand building success and a good Social Media Marketing strategy is a fundamental portal to do this effectively. Open Umbrella have countless Social Media success stories that have been achieved through understanding which platforms would be most effective for our clients and accordingly mapping out how to reach and engage their customers.

Your dedicated Social Media consultant will work with you to produce the most effective strategy that suits your business model and will lean on a team that is rich in knowledge of:

Mapping a Social Media campaign


Blogging and Micro blogging

Video Marketing

Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimisation

Sales strategies

PR (Public Relations)

Brand management

Internet Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Step 1 - Listen

Listen to current conversations going on in your industry. Establish what makes them engage with current brands and why. Identify key influencers that are industry specific to carry our message to the necessary audiences.

Step 2 - Plan

Plan how we are going to approach the social media landscape and through what medium, content, video, design graphics? Identify where you are going to position and send this medium to gain maximum exposure.

Step 3 - Engage

Deploy the medium and engage with identified key influencers and social media outlets where your identified target audience is currently conversifying. Engage, talk, listen and continually maintain a form of interaction.

Step 4 - Measure

Measure success through predefined KPIs (key performance indicators). This could be through amount of followers/fans/likes gained, or through monitoring analytics to see traffic increases to your website through social media outlets.


Over the past year, the utilization of Social Media Marketing is as its most buoyant, with now more than 70% of businesses choosing to use Social Media. Yet recent studies suggest over 40% of those do not know how to truly make it work for them. Through brainstorming and strategic planning in collaboration with our clients we can create contests, promote enthralling content and provide exciting company insights. With mobile search continually on the rise and ease of connecting to Social Media, you must have a thriving hub of conversation and buzz to keep them engaged to YOUR brand; do not underestimate the consumer, they are constantly looking out for the next big thing that you are up to.

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